Special Offers

This is a demo of Ultimate Special Offers app. We can do various offsers:
  • Discount/Sale
  • Volume Discounts / Quantity Breaks
  • Spend Amount, Get Discount
  • Buy X for $
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Bundles
  • Credit
  • Free Gifts
Here are some demo offers, try them out:

Get a $25 Gift Card when spending $100

Get a Suprise Gift when spending $250

Buy a Jacket, get a Jersey at half price!

Buy a pair of shorts, get a pair of socks at 30% Off!

Buy 2 Tees for $79!

Volume Discounts / Quantity Breaks for Socks

All Shorts on sale at 20% Off!

Spend $80 on Snapbacks, Get 20% Off!

Bundle: Sports pack at 25% Off

Cross-sell / Upsell: Add a Tee to cart. You'll get prompted to add a Snapback too.

Test discount codes: WELCOME10, WELCOME10%

Offers work on Shopify Point Of Sale (POS) too

Choose Apply Special Offers from "..." cart menu at top right.

If you need an offer which isn't available yet, email support@suppleApps.com with what you have in mind.